How to create a {Professional} Website design in 2019

With help of technology, there are many tasks that we can accomplish. Creating a website design all by yourself is one of them. In 2019, due to the evolution of website builders we can design our online presence very easily. Apart from the time to invest, all you need is some basic knowledge. And you are all there to get a new professional website.

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Steps of creating a professional website design

Select the goal: Before you begin, make sure that you know what type of website you need. It can be an online store, portfolio, landing page or simple a blog. Whatever it is make sure that your focus is always on your goal. The visitors to your website and Google’s bots should understand your business as soon as they visit the website. If you have multiple objectives from a single website then that may result in confusion. Hence, in turn, that may increase the chances that the visitors leave the page.

Select the website builder: When your goal is already defined, then comes the step to select the right website builder for it. It is a platform through which you can easily create, personalize and publish your own website with complete independence. There are lots of platforms available in the market but all doesn’t serve the purpose. Price is an important factor while choosing the builder. You must choose the builder that allows you to create, publish and host the website totally free of cost. Even when you want to upgrade the online presence with some tailored feature then that is also available. Webmagics can help you in creating stunning websites for your business.

Make proper layout: It takes only a few seconds for the visitors to get an opinion about your website. So, you must have a great layout. The website must provide a proper visual structure of your pages. You can find templates on the platform which makes it easier for you to design a proper layout. Templates are websites which contain pre-designed layout created by the professional designers. In order to use the templates, you need to just remove, add or change some elements in it according to your business type.

Find a perfect domain name: Your website’s address on the internet is defined by your domain name. This is visible by the visitors on their bar of the browser. Therefore, websites that have a specific domain are automatically shown on the internet. It also helps the visitors to understand what your website is about and hence impacts SEO positively. That’s the reason you should choose the domain name wisely. Make it short, simple and transparent so that visitors are able to remember it for a long time.

Get quality content: Now, comes the role of materials that you put on your website. This includes images, slogans, text and a lot more. You should always use original content. That means you must create it yourself and all the information is gathered through legal ways. Another important point to consider is to always prefer quality over quantity. If you want to attract the attention of the visitors then make sure to put such content on your website. You can link the contents of other pages to your homepage so that people can easily access it.

Choose the right pages: Each website has a unique purpose. So, selecting the right pages is crucial. The homepage is the first thing that the visitors will see so it must be the best one. Try to keep only the most crucial information on it and besides that, there must be buttons that enable the visitors to access the website further. After that add the service pages which will explain what are the services that you offer or the products that you are selling. You should always add high quality and real images to describe the services or products that you are providing.

Make usability as a priority: If you want the visitors to spend enough time on your pages as well as enjoy the content on it then you need to facilitate their navigation. That implies all the pages must be well connected with each other for easy navigation. In order to implement this facility, you should include internal links between your pages. Besides that, check that the visitors will not have to click more than once to access any page. The other important aspect is the color. It has the power to directly influence the visitor and hence it is considered as a strong marketing tool.

Perform SEO: For a professional website design, SEO is an important aspect. There are more than 200 signals that frame the algorithms for ranking the websites which include the quality of the content depending on the competitiveness. It is the process that needs time, patience and persistence to get the required results. There are number of steps that you can follow like creating your pages. This will ensure that your website is built according to the best SEO based guidelines so that it is easily found and ranks higher.

Choose professional tools: Today, the internet is the biggest marketplace in the world. That’s the reason your professional website design must have all the tools that can facilitate safe and efficient business. This is essential to interact with your clients irrespective of size and industry. Suppose you want to build an eCommerce site where you want to sell goods online and generate a continuous flow of revenue. In that case, you can choose a pre-made template and personalize it with your design and then you are ready to start your business and get everything in one place.

Make it easily accessible: Finally, when your website is ready you have to keep in mind that it is accessible to everyone. Especially, when your business is based in different countries then you will need a multilingual website. This will enable the visitors to get the content on their preferred language. It will engage them more. A welcoming website is one which is built keeping in mind the visitors with disabilities as well.

Therefore, having a professional website is a necessity in 2019 for any business. If you want to create an updated professional website then Webmagics can help you to do that. It will surely make a difference to your business positively.


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